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NOTE: The images, text and articles included at this site are for private, non-profit use only. Other usage is strictly prohibited. These images are made available for educational purposes; please do not endanger their availability by improper use. I have more extensive information on image use and copyright issues.

At the Artchive, the only constant will be change. Each gallery will include new material for your return viewing pleasure, from new scans in the Recent Acquisitions gallery, to additional art criticism excerpts, to new installations of feature exhibits.
The museum is divided into several galleries:

The Artchive offers browser access in HTML format to the archive for all of my fine art scans. There are now more than 2,000 scans from over 200 different artists.
Glyphs Art Reviews link to art exhibit reviews I have written for an online magazine called Glyphs. They include text as well as images from recent museum exhibitions. Currently, they include "Kandinsky: Compositions", "James McNeill Whistler", "Claude Monet: 1840-1926" and "Johannes Vermeer".
[Note that the Glyphs reviews are now placed under the Juxtapositions section of the site.]
The Galleries is the entry point to the online exhibitions currently showing:
One Man Show: Rembrandt includes seven of the master's greatest works in a virtual gallery setting. Be sure to zoom in for the level of detail required for a true appreciation of these masterpieces.
1925: The Year in Review presents scans and text for twelve paintings by major artists of 1925 to illustrate the rich diversity of styles in use at the time. This point-in-time experience is intended to convey the sense of being in the art world of that year.
Max Beckmann: "Departure" offers an in-depth analysis of his most powerful triptych. Frames-capable browsers allow you to click on an imagemap to bring up image details as well as corresponding descriptive text. You can also click on links in the 5,000-word excerpt from Charles Kessler's "Max Beckmann's triptychs" to bring up image details.
The First Impressionist Exhibition, 1874 is a virtual recreation of the history-making show organized in defiance of the Paris Salon. Twenty of the most important works are presented from eight of the artists. The paintings in each gallery are to actual scale. Click on the zoom button for a detailed look. Click on the critic icon to access comments from contemporary critics of the exhibit. Click on the catalog icon to peruse a facsimile of the original Catalogue of the show.
Recent Acquisitions is a thumbnail gallery of recent scans that have been added to the ftp archive. You can click on the painting to download the full-sized JPEG file. I have now added a Request Line for you to submit scanning suggestions.
Sculpture Garden offers a selection from the best of the sculpture images in the Artchive. Works are displayed in six sections: Egyptian, Greek, African, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern.
Goya: The Black Paintings is a virtual recreation of la Quinta del sordo, the cottage where Goya, near the end of his life, painted some of the most disturbing images ever seen. The fourteen paintings are presented in up to three levels of detail as you walk through the two floors of the cottage.

Theory and Criticism. This gallery will include the best in art criticism. I will scan an excerpt of both text and images from a masterpiece of art criticism and present it online as if you were reading the book. My intention is not to violate copyright law, but to provide an excerpt in the context of a review. It is my sincere hope that a taste of great writing will entice you to go out and buy the book. Currently featured:
Juxtapositions is a section of verbal and visual commentary on art. This section provides a forum for me to inflict my amateur art criticism on the world.
Art CD-ROM Reviews offers my personal opinion (and those of others who have kindly contributed reviews) on the commercially available CD-ROM art collections. I buy every one I can get my hands on, but you may be more discriminating with your cash, so use this as a guide.
Art Links will send you to some of the more interesting art sites I have seen on the Web. The links are divided into Museums, Artists, and Resources.
The links in these three sections are keepers. But I often run across, or people tell me about interesting sites that I would like to share with you. Some of these "picks of the moment" will gravitate to the keeper links, some will disappear. Check back for updates on an irregular basis...
Mark Harden

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