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Mark Harden's Artchive
The Self-portrait

"Click on the eyes", he said. "Click on them."

See also: Excerpt from "Cezanne: the Self-Portraits"

How would you paint your own face? A self-portrait can hide as well as reveal An astonishing self-assurance if he is dissecting himself the hand takes precedence over the face looking at himself in the mirror, or at you? more presentation than introspection; revealing nonetheless absolutely unsparing guarded...does he realize it? is this not the face of God? the hair takes precedence over the face trapped in one of his own empty hallways defiant against the Nazis ...and you thought a photograph was real we revere his abiding honesty fighting against...who? self-portrait with another person, another dimension to identity presentation without ostentation the eyes of experience, world weary but King this is my friend Our life is defined by how we face death Inextricably bound within the objects of his room A cartoon at first, but see the eyes! Color setting mood even more than expression His palette taken away by the authorities As happy as her painting The model is unsure...should we be, too? Brilliant backlighting...the clothes make the man Small canvas equals modesty? The artist had to sneak himself into the picture during the Renaissance a caricature, but so much more than that

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