Testimonials from Artchive Patrons

These inspiring emails were collected from just the last few months. To find out how YOU can help the Artchive, please click here.

"WOW! I am impressed. CD's arrived today, safe and sound, and I have had a quick run through and everything is working perfectly. Such service, thank you!...I am not lucky enough to have Broadband as yet so my surfing pleasure was somewhat limited by the idiosyncrasies of a dial up modem, so you can imagine my delight at being able to access your site without continually having to wait hours for images to load." - Bobbie S.

"I've never paid for screen savers until now, but the obvious effort and scope of work, is significant. Thank you." - Diana S.

"I understand that many patrons of the arts do their donating anonymously, in order to avoid the attention of con artists, etc. In this case I am willing to take that risk. And perhaps my example will rub off on others." - Charles Kimball

"Thank you for an excellent site! Since I found my last umpteen desktop backgrounds on your site I thought it was about time to show some appreciation ;-)" - Stefan S., Netherlands

"I have just made a donation to your site and want to thank you for all your work and for the sheer pleasure of being able to visit there and study at leisure!" - Yvonne R.

"Thanks for your site. I just sent a small donation...I wish it could be more, but it's all I can afford." - James A.

"Just wanted to let you know that I have put my check for $50 along with the form for the Patron Program into an envelope which will go out tomorrow. Your generous response to my request confirmed my opinion of you and what you are trying to do and was the incentive to make me realize that my enthusiasm for this site deserves to be more than words. Thanks again." - Betsy Y.

"As a graduate TA in the Humanities, I want you to know that your site is invaluable :) Despite my low income I want to contribute to your time and effort you have done in collecting the images and the information." - Michaela R.

"I just reminded myself to let you know that I got the new CDs last week. The quality of the reproductions is excellent." - Monroe W.

"I love the site and would hate for it to go under - I have appropriated pictures as my wallpaper for long enough to now pay my way." - Sarah W.

"I have been an admirer of your Artchive for some time now. As an art lover who just loves to browse, your Site has given me hours of enjoyment. It is time I repaid you for the wonderful service you provide. I would hate to see the Site close due to lack of funds." - Barbara S.

"This is a theatre designer that sent you an e-mail a long time ago about this sight when it was still in the early stages. It has come a long way and I have sent many people to you in hopes to give you some funding or to at the very least spread the word about this amazing resource that is out here on the net. Once again, thank you for this sight and all of your hard work." - Jimmy W

"What a fabulous exhibit! I teach high school art and we will be opening a new school in 7 weeks. Your "Artchive" is my best teaching resource." - Susan B.

"I would just like to say what a truly wonderful site you have. I enjoy the content and I'm amazed at the vast quantity and quality of the works on the site. I enjoy art very much and always turn to Artchive for research." - Jo-Anne

"I think your site is WONDERFUL and I also enjoy the women artists on it too." - Kelly

"The CDs arrived and work wonderfully. Thanks." - Tom S.

"I am appreciative for your artchive site. I use it frequently--it inspires me--moves me--increases my knowing of the world both intuitively and in knowledge. The compilation of art is fabulous." - Anah C.

"This is one of the greatest art sites i've ever seen. Congratulations for your extremely hard work." - N.B.

"Thanks for your continuing hard work with the site. It's so fabulous that I actually require my students to visit it and use it as a research tool!" - Lisa B.

"Mark, I've just come across your site and while only viewing a portion I have found it stunning. Thank you for such a magnificent gesture. I shall return with others." - John G.

"I must compliment you on what you have set up. It is a wonderful place to view art. I also love your galleries! Congrats." - AK

"Each week, on Monday morning, I browse the artchive to find a new background for my computer screen, and then spend the week contemplating a timeless work of art as I work at my desk." - Gene H.

"I don't know you. But I thought I'd tell you that I really love the Artchive. Its done really well. Good job" - Shelley P., Indiana

"Let me just say thank you for providing this site and keep up the incredible work!" - CL

"I found your site by accident on the web and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Keeping up a site like this must take a tremendous amount of work, but it seems to be a labor of love. Thank you for such an inspiring effort." - Alissa

"I'm an art history student from Barcelona. Usually I visit your home page and I like it very much, it is a good resource for me. It was a pleasant surprise to read about the "quatre gats" above all the information about the meaning. I'm grateful, and amazed because is very strange to read something about the Catalan culture in a not Catalan media. Therefore, thank you for your home page." - Cèlia

""Artchive" is extraordinary! It really allows you to appreciate the works in an entirely new way!" - Stephen M.

"This is one of the more beautiful sites on the web. Thank you, Mr. Harden" - Egidio Scrimieri, Italy

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