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Q: Why establish a Patron Program?

A: It comes as a surprise to many people to learn that I have done every scan and line of HTML on this site myself, in my spare time. I'm not you can see, it is a labor of love; but as of January, 2001, I am now working full time on The Artchive. This will mean even more enhancements and additions to the site, but also means that the site needs your donation more than ever to keep going!

Q: If I don't join the Patron Program, will I still be able to access your site?

A: Absolutely. The Patron Program is intended solely to allow those with the financial means to voluntarily offer their support of the site. No content has been restricted from the online site and made available only for those who pay - that's blackmail, in my book

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

A: No. The Artchive is NOT a formally established charitable institution at this time. Your financial support is not currently tax deductible.

Q: Is my Patron status for a particular length of time, such as a year?

A: No, it is indefinite. Remember, the primary Patron benefit (the CD-ROM) will be provided immediately. Other benefits are more qualitative, and will evolve as the site grows. The basic idea is that Patrons will be privileged visitors to the site in terms of access to new features. And, as I try to manage the increasingly limited time I have to interact with visitors, I will be responsive to Patrons first. These interactions include responses to information requests, personal requests for scans, requests for permission to use images on your site, etc.

UPDATE: Password access to the online, "no banner ads" version of the site is for a twelve month period from the time you send in your donation. The time frame is intended to reward those generous people who continue to renew their support of the site, as well as to gently remind patrons who have not done so. But as for being an Artchive Patron itself, all benefits other than password access are of unlimited duration.

Q: So, it's kind of like patrons at a real art museum?

A: That's the idea. As the popularity of the site has expanded, I find I have less and less time, unfortunately, to interact with visitors. For instance, I recently threw in the towel on the Request Line, it simply became impossible to provide custom scans to everyone who desired one. Now I welcome suggestions for additions to the Artchive, but I cannot guarantee a scan. Patrons, however, will always be able to request special favors such as this.

Q: Can institutions such as schools become Patrons?

A. Yes, educational use of the site is particularly encouraged. The current 2-copies-for-1-donation deal is perfect for someone who wants to have one copy for themself while having another to give to their school.

Q: What are your requirements for payment?

A: The Artchive now offers secure online donation via credit card. See the PayPal payment button at the top of this page. Educational institutions who have no alternative can submit Purchase Orders.

Q: Where do I sign up?

A: Go to the Patron Program Sign-Up Page.

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