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For a donation of US$50, Patrons are entitled to the following benefits:

TWO free copies of a CD-ROM of the entire web site, including the 450MB image Artchive
  • One copy for you, one for your school or your friend...or find a friend to split the donation cost
  • Browse offline, with immediate viewing of those 150kb JPGs
  • Save hard drive space for the images you have downloaded
  • Feel good about supporting free art resources online
Artchive WITHOUT AD BANNERS! When you join the Patron Program, you receive a full year's access to a password protected version of the site with no ad banners!

A set of beautiful screensavers is also included on the CD-ROM. These were developed from Artchive images by Richard McAnerin of RuneTek Custom Screensavers. Included are "Impressionism", "Italian Renaissance" and "Landscapes".

Patrons (if desired) will be added to a
special mailing list to keep them apprised of new resources at the Artchive

  • Patron-only access to new exhibitions before they are announced to the general public
  • Behind the scenes discussion of how new exhibitions were designed and developed
  • Patron-only access to new scans before they are added to the Artchive
  • Patron priority for special features such as Scan Requests, permission to use images for personal web pages, etc.

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