The Artchive is, and will remain, a free resource for students, artists and art lovers around the world. But in order to keep it going, please consider giving back, whether as an individual or an organization, through one of the following means, according to your financial ability:

Two ways you can help:


The Artchive Patron Program is a win-win situation. Not only do you help support the site, but you receive two copies of the CD-ROM of the site (one for you, and one to share) for your US$50 donation. No waiting for images to download, no banner ads. You also are entitled to other benefits as described in the Patron Program FAQ.

NEW: The Artchive without ad banners! Joining the Patron Program also entitles you to a year's access to a password protected, online version of the site which contains NO AD BANNERS!

If you want to help, but do not need the CD-ROM or wish to send less than US$50, you can use PayPal to join the Patron Program or send a donation in any amount:

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Buy your art-related items through these links and a generous portion of your purchase will be provided to the Artchive on commission:

  • The Artchive will receive a commission on nearly anything you purchase from Amazon.com using the search box on this page (click here). Please bookmark that page and start from there any time you decide to buy something from amazon.com!

  • The Artchive receives an extremely generous commission on all poster purchases made from the Artchive Poster Store. Always use the Artchive Poster Store (click here) to make sure the Artchive gets credit for your purchase.

  • The Artchive receives a commission on all oil reproduction purchases made from 1st-Art-Gallery. They can provide reproductions in oil of a wide variety of artists featured in the Artchive.

If anyone is in a financial position to offer an even more generous level of support than these alternatives, please do not hesitate to contact me using the email link below.


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