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Q: How does it work to view the site from the CD-ROM?

A: The CD-ROM is set up to run from your web browser just as you would access the site online. A browser that supports Frames, such as the latest versions of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, is recommended.

Q: What Operating System is required to run the CD-ROM?

A: The CD-ROM is multi-platform and will run under Mac and Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista (and, according to Patron Steve Bumgardner, Amiga ;-), but NOT Windows 3x.

Q: What else is on the CD-ROM?

A: All 3,000 of the Artchive images are included, more than 550MB of fine art scans. These can be viewed from within the browser, or as JPG format files using your favorite graphics viewing program.

Because of the speed allowed by offline browsing, I have been able to include thumbnail images for each of the scans in each artists's section. This is a major improvement over the online version of the site.

Thanks to your donation, I am able to remove all banner advertisements from the CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM also includes a number of screensavers developed from Artchive images by Richard McAnerin of RuneTek Custom Screensavers. So far, Richard has produced "Impressionism" and "Italian Renaissance", and "Landscapes". [Note: these screensavers work only on PC systems]

Q: Are there additional costs for shipment of the Patron CD-ROM?

A: No. Shipment is included with your donation. I ship by First Class Mail in the States and by Air Mail to any country overseas. From the feedback I have received, most CD-ROMs arrive, for example, in Europe, within seven to ten calendar days.

Q: Why don't I simply view the site online?

A: The instantaneous viewing of the images and exhibitions, rather than waiting for download time, makes for a completely different experience. I myself was surprised at the effect of faster, offline browsing; it makes it much more pleasurable to meander through the site. In addition, if you have previously saved any of the images on your hard drive, having them on CD-ROM will save hard drive space as well as allow for more permanent storage. Finally, you gain self-esteem from knowing that you have helped support the Artchive project!

Q: Won't my CD-ROM become outdated as additions are made to the online site?

A: You will still want to visit the online site to see new features and scans. Every few weeks, a revised version of the CD-ROM will be produced for the Patron Program. These future versions will always be available for Patrons interested in renewing their sponsorship of the site.

Q: What rights do I have to reuse the material on the CD-ROM?

A: Any of the images can be used online for a non-profit personal or educational site at no cost, as long as you provide a scanning credit and link to my site. The images are not to be used for commercial purposes. You are welcome to use the images in a screensaver program or as wallpaper on your personal computer. Everything other than the images is copyrighted material and is not to be used without written consent from Mark Harden.

Q: What about links from your site to other sites...are they also on the CD-ROM?

A: While the entire Artchive is included on the CD-ROM, there are many links to other resources that are used to augment the information presented. To access these sites, you will need to be online with your Internet Service Provider while browsing the CD-ROM. But all of my site pages and images will load immediately from the CD-ROM, rather than having to download.

Q: Who can I contact for technical support if I run into problems?

A: There is a readme.txt file included on the CD-ROM explaining how to use it. Very few problems have been reported from Patrons so far. Also, my email address is listed on every page ;-)

Q: How do I join the Patron Program?

A: Go to the Patron Program Sign-Up Page.

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