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The Artchive offers the standard 468x60 pixel advertising banner, at the top of each page where it appears. Placement of banners can be specified by advertisers, or the banners can be run site-wide. Most Rich Media and animated banners are accepted; see Advertising Specifications for more detailed information and requirements regarding ad banners.


A more innovative approach than the banner ad is complete, exclusive, "Sponsorship" of a specific artist, image, or section of the site. Under the Sponsorship model, an advertiser receives the banner ad along with additional, extensive, textual presence on that page. This textual presence includes a prominently displayed statement that the sponsor has made it possible for the visitor to enjoy the art. Visitor appreciation of such support has been proven to result in effective branding as well as higher clickthrough rates. The Sponsorship model is highly recommended for those advertisers whose products are related to a specific work of art, artist, school, or medium.

For an example of a Sponsored Page, see the Damien Hirst Artchive.

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