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Fractal Alhambra "Try to determine from viewing the fractals, the names of the modern artists whose style they recall."
Hermitage Museum "Today the Hermitage Museum is creating its digital self-portrait to be displayed around the world."

Shock of the View "Shock of the View is fundamentally an attempt to generate discussion about the relation of digital media to contemporary museum practice--and vice versa."

Giotto - The Scrovegni Chapel Giotto - The Scrovegni Chapel

Barbie's Incomplete History of Art Barbie's Incomplete History of Art

NEUMERZ = DADA "The goal of NEUMERZ is total Dadaist Revival"

Hogarth and 18th-Century Print Culture "Hogarth and 18th-Century Print Culture commemorates the 300th anniversary of one of Britain's most influential artists."

Techno-Impressionism "Although the Techno-Impressionist artists used computers in producing their work, they did not fall prey to the lure of the technical and become 'computer artists' or 'digital artists.'"

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