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1. the case for black & white
Instructions for converting images to black and white using popular graphics programs:

Adobe Photoshop 4.0

Select "Image", "Adjust", "Desaturate", or use the shortcut keys "Shft+Ctrl+U" ("Shft+Cmd+U" for the Mac)


Press F5-Key (brings up the "special effects" menu), then select "03-01" (="Convert to Greyscale")

GV Graphic Viewer

Select "Options", "Display", "Greyscale" from the menu

LView Pro

Select "Retouch" and then "GrayScale!" from the menu

Paint Shop Pro

Select "Colors", "Grey Scale"


Select "Image", "Convert to" from the menu, then "256 Gray" (or: "16 Gray") from the choice box


Select "Image" and then "Color Reduction" from the menu, select "Custom Grey" from the choice box

(thanks to Walter Michael Sumper for info on programs other than Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro)

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