Morisot, "Cache-cache (Hide-and-Seek)"

Oil on canvas
17 3/4 x 21 5/8 in. (45 x 55 cm)
Collection Mrs. John Hay Whitney, New York

"An oil painting, of a young mother playing hide-and-seek behind a cherry tree with her little girl, is a work that is perfect in the emotion of its observation, the freshness of its palette, and the composition of its background."
[Philippe Burty], La Republique Francaise, 25 April 1874

"Berthe Morisot has wit to the tips of her fingers, especially at her fingertips. What fine artistic feeling! You cannot find more graceful images handled more deliberately and delicately than Berceau and Cache-cache. I would add that here the execution is in complete accord with the idea to be expressed."
[Jules-Antoine] Castagnary, Le Siecle, 29 April 1874