Cézanne, "Etude: Paysage à Auvers (Study: Landscape at Auvers)"

Now known as Quartier Four, à Auvers (Landscape, Auvers)
c. 1873
Oil on canvas
18 1/4 x 21 3/4 in. (46.3 x 55.2 cm )
Philadelphia Museum of Art

"Among the works that caught my eye, I was particularly struck by a remarkable landscape by Paul Cézanne, one of your compatriots from the South, a native of Aix, who shows great originality. Paul Cézanne, who has been struggling for a long time, unquestionably has the temperament of a great painter."
[Emile Zola], Le Semaphore de Marseille, 18 April 1874

"No audacity will raise our eyebrows. But where landscape is concerned, Cézanne will be glad we did not get as far as his Maison du pendu and his Etude a Auvers; there, we admit, we were left behind."
Marc de Montifaud [MarieAmelie Chartroule de Montifaud], L'Artiste, 1 May 1874

"Shall we mention Cézanne who, by the way, has his own legend? No known jury has ever, even in its dreams, imagined the possibility of accepting a single work by this painter, who came to the Salon carrying his paintings on his back, like Jesus Christ carrying his cross. An over-exclusive love of yellow has compromised Cézanne's future up to now. Nevertheless, because the jury is the jury, it has been wrong."
Jean Prouvaire [Pierre Tolozal], Le Rappel, 20 April 1874