Cézanne, "Une moderne Olympia"

c. 1873-74
Oil on canvas
18 x 21 3/4 in. (46 x 55.5 cm )
Musee d'Orsay, Paris

" 'No, no!' he cried. 'Monet is weakening there. He is sacrificing to the false gods of Meissonier. Too finished, too finished! Talk to me of the Modern Olympia! That's something well done.'

"Alas, go and look at it! A woman folded in two, from whom a Negro girl is removing the last veil in order to offer her in all her ugliness to the charmed gaze of a brown puppet. Do you remember the Olympia of M. Manet ? Well, that was a masterpiece of drawing, accuracy, finish, compared with the one by M. Cézanne.
Louis Leroy, Le Charivari, April 25, 1874

"...a strange composition entitled A Modern Olympia, which seemed to be a parody of Manet's painting. In it on a large couch appears a nude woman whom a gentleman in the foreground watches admiringly. This gentleman bears a strong resemblance to Cézanne himself. In the right corner there is a huge bouquet of scintillating flowers in brilliant colors. The canvas is spirited in execution and remarkably free in handling for Cézanne at that stage of his development."
Rewald, "The History of the Impressionists"