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Vincent van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh
Myra Schapiro, Meyer Schapiro

This Harry Abrams-published book is an excellent and economical introduction. Meyer Schapiro was one of the greatest, most readable, art critics. The reproductions are not the greatest (this was published originally in 1983), but the writing more than makes up for any graphical deficiencies.

The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh, Ronald De Leeuw (Editor), Arnold Pomerans (Translator)

The letters from Vincent to his beloved brother Theo are required reading for anyone who wants to understand the tortured artist. In them, van Gogh provides deep insights into his working process, providing details on his motifs and compositional decisions. These letters, with the sensitive commentary of De Leeuw, are almost an essential accompaniment to his paintings.

Vincent : A Complete Portrait : All of Vincent Van Gogh's Self-Portraits, With Excerpts from His Writings
Bernard Denvir

Excellent graphics and an even more attractive price make this compilation hard to resist. Van Gogh's most searching artistic analysis was of himself, as his famous self-portraits show...and this book includes them all.

Van Gogh in Saint Remy and Auvers/D2212P
R. Pickvance

This is the catalog to a 1986 show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The reproductions are good quality, and the essays well chosen, written by the world's foremost experts on van Gogh. This exhibition covered the final phase of Vincent's tragically short career.

The New Complete Van Gogh : Paintings, Drawings, Sketches
Jan Hulsker

When he says COMPLETE, he means it...this is the real thing, with a price to match.

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