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Claude Monet

A Blue Butterfly : A Story About Claude Monet
Bijou Le Tord

This is a wonderful book for introducing children to fine art. It avoids any biographical data, instead presenting short, poetic lines on Monet and his work. The images are delicate watercolors, not reproductions of Monet's paintings, but evocative of them. An excellent book to share with your children prior to your next visit to an art museum.

Monet and the Mediterranean
Joachim Pissarro

The catalog to the recent show featuring Monet's work in the Mediterranean. From the French coast to Western Italy and Venice, from the beginning of his career to some of the latest works, this book offers excellent reproductions, including some wonderful details to illustrate Monet's flickering brush stroke.

Monet in the '90s : The Series Paintings
Paul Hayes Tucker

An excellent presentation of Monet's most important device for expressing his ideas about art: the series. Wheatstacks, Houses of Parliament, Rouen Cathedral and more. By painting the same motif in different conditions of light, Monet was able to depict light itself...the objects become a mere background for his representation of light.

Monet's Years at Giverny : Beyond Impressionism
Daniel Wildenstein

Wildenstein, one of the world's foremost experts on Monet, wrote the Catalogue Raisonne on Monet's life work. Here, he covers the pinnacle of Monet's achievement, the lily pad paintings and other works from the artist's garden. This was the final chapter of Monet's career, and includes some of his most impressive creations.

Monet : The Art Institute of Chicago Artists in Focus Series
Art Institute of Chicago, Andrew Forge

An excellent introduction to the work of the ultimate Impressionist. Written for the average reader rather than the art scholar.

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