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Henri Matisse

A Bird or Two: A Story About Henri Matisse
Bijou Le Tord

Another marvelous art book for children from Ms. Le Tord, even more visually pleasing than her "A Blue Butterfly : A Story About Claude Monet". The author has created her own charming illustrations to introduce youngsters to the colorful art of Matisse. Accompanying the artwork is lyrical text, very concise yet precise in its expression of the basic ideas of Matisse's art. Ms. Le Tord was born on the French Rivera and obviously has a special affinity for the area that she shares with Matisse.

The Cut-Outs of Henri Matisse
Henri Matisse, John Elderfield

This economically priced book discusses the cut-outs which were the final accomplishment of Matisse. An introductory essay by Elderfield, of the Museum of Modern Art, places the cut-outs in the context of Modernism. The image plates feature the dazzling color and voluptuous shapes of these innovative works.

Henri Matisse : A Retrospective
John Elderfield

This is the catalogue to the triumphant retrospective of 1992. Elderfield again, along with other Matisse scholars, contributes critical commentary. But the wealth of this coffee table sized book lies in the 320 color and 92 black-and-white plates which include all of the important works of one of the 20th Century's most important artists.

Henri Matisse (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists.)
Mike Venezia

This introduction, aimed at children from four to eight years of age, is an excellent start towards an appreciation of Matisse and his work.

Gilles Neret

From the highly regarded Taschen series of books on art masters. This volume provides a nice balance of biographical and analytical information on Matisse, along with excellent reproductions.

Matisse on Art (Documents of Twentieth-Century Art)
Henri Matisse, Jack Flam (Editor)

Jack Flam, one of the most respected Matisse scholars, put together this important volume which lays out much of the theory behind the apparent effortlessness of Matisse's work. The master himself describes the intense approaches he used to produce his visually serene masterpieces.

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