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Sandro Botticelli

Online Resources

The essential first stop, in cyberspace as well as the real world, is the Botticelli Room at the Uffizi in Florence.

Carol Jackson maintains an extensive selection of Botticelli images at her Fine Art site.

Nicolas Pioch's venerable WebMuseum includes many images as well as a biography from the Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

An invaluable resource is Jacques-Edouard Berger's "Sandro Botticelli" lecture, offering detailed discussion of the major works.

Print Resources

Cheney, Liana De Girolami
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University Press of America, 1985

Cheney, Liana De Girolami
Botticelli's Neoplatonic Images
Scripta Humanistica, 1993

Dempsey, Charles
The Portrayal of Love : Botticelli's Primavera and Humanist Culture at the Time of Lorenzo the Magnificent
Princeton Univ, 1992

Lightbown, Ronald
Sandro Botticelli: Life and Work
Abbeville, 1989

Snow-Smith, Joann
The Primavera of Sandro Botticelli : A Neoplatonic Interpretation
Peter Lang Publishing, 1993

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