Mark Harden's Artchive: Artchive

The Artchive includes over 3,000 scans from nearly 250 artists. Just click on one of the names or categories from the list on the left. This is not simply another collection of "art on the net"; these scans were all done by yours truly. In fact, people often graciously offer to contribute their scans to the Artchive, and I'm still trying to find a polite way of refusing's mainly that I want every scan, every line of HTML, to have been done by myself. "It's a creative thang."

Nothing like this can be done completely without the help of others, though. I would like to express my appreciation to David Fox for maintaining the images on his server for a couple of years. Jeff Aspinall has also generously provided space on his server for the images.

I dislike making a list because someone is bound to be left out, but some of my closest web friends and collaborators have been, in roughly chronological order, Nicolas Pioch, Bob Stewart, Roy Evans, Greg Edwards and Markus Kruse.

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