Pierre-Auguste Renoir images and biography
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Pierre-Auguste Renoir

See also: Impressionism; The First Impressionism Exhibition, 1874


"Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Monet worked closely together during the late 1860s, painting similar scenes of popular river resorts and views of a bustling Paris. Renoir was by nature more solid than Monet, and while Monet fixed his attentions on the ever-changing patterns of nature, Renoir was particularly entranced by people and often painted friends and lovers. His early work has a quivering brightness that is gloriously satisfying and fully responsive to what he is painting, as well as to the effects of the light.

"Renoir seems to have had the enviable ability to see anything as potentially of interest. More than any of the Impressionists, he found beauty and charm in the modern sights of Paris. He does not go deep into the substance of what he sees but seizes upon its appearance, grasping its generalities, which then enables the spectator to respond with immediate pleasure. "Pleasure" may be decried by the puritanical instinct within us all, but it is surely the necessary enhancer that life needs. It also signifies a change from Realism: the Impressionists' paintings have none of the labored toll of Millet's peasants, for example. Instead they depict delightful, intimate scenes of the French middle class at leisure in the country or at cafes and concerts in Paris. Renoir always took a simple pleasure in whatever met his good-humored attention, but he refused to let what he saw dominate what he wanted to paint. Again he deliberately sets out to give the impression, the sensation of something, its generalities, its glancing life. Maybe, ideally, everything is worthy of attentive scrutiny, but in practice there is no time. We remember only what takes our immediate notice as we move along.

"In The Boating Party Lunch, a group of Renoir's friends are enjoying that supreme delight of the working man and woman, a day out. Renoir shows us interrelationships: notice the young man intent upon the girl at the right chatting, while the girl at the left is occupied with her puppy. But notice too the loneliness, however relaxed, that can be part of anyone's experience at a lunch party. The man behind the girl and her dog is lost in a world of his own, yet we cannot but believe that his reverie is a happy one. The delightful debris of the meal, the charm of the young people, the hazy brightness of the world outside the awning - all communicates an earthly vision of paradise.

"One of Renoir's early portraits, A Girl with a Watering Can, has all the tender charm of its subject, delicately unemphasized, not sentimentalized, but clearly relished. Renoir stoops down to the child's height so that we look at her world from her own altitude. This, he hints, is the world that the little one sees - not the actual garden that adults see today, but the nostalgic garden that they remember from their childhood. The child is sweetly aware of her central importance. Solid little girl though she is, she presents herself with the fragile charm of the flowers. Her sturdy little feet in their sensible boots are somehow planted in the garden, and the lace of her dress has a floral rightness; she also is decorative. With the greatest skill, Renoir shows the child, not amid the actual flowers and lawns, but on the path. It leads away, out of the picture, into the unknown future when she will longer be part of the garden but an onlooker, an adult, who will enjoy only her memories of the present now depicted."

- Text from "Sister Wendy's Story of Painting", by Wendy Beckett

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Renoir Images

1864 Portrait de Romaine Lacaux
1867 Portrait of Bazille
1868-69 Young Boy with a Cat
1870 La Promenade
1871 Still Life with Bouquet
1873 Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil
c. 1873-75 Torso (Buste de Femme)
1874 Danseuse (Dancer)
1874 La loge (The Theater Box)
1874 The Parisian (La Parisienne)
1875 Portrait of Victor Chocquet
1875-76 Nini in the Garden
1876 A Girl With a Watering Can
1876 Le Moulin de la Galette
1876 The Swing
1879 Gypsy Girl
1879 Oarsmen at Chatou
c. 1879 The Luncheon (Le dejeuner)
1879-80 The Canoeists' Luncheon
1880 Sleeping Girl (known as Girl with a cat)
c. 1880-81 Roses and Jasmine in a Delft Vase
1881 The Luncheon of the Boating Party

DETAIL OF glasses on table
1881 On the Terrace
1882 Rocky Crags at l'Estaque (Rochers a l'Estaque)
1883 Beach Scene, Guernsey (Enfants au bord de la mer a Guernesey)
c. 1883-84 Seated Bather
1892 Jeunes filles au piano (Girls at the Piano)
c. 1918 Bathers (Les baigneuses)

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