Pablo Picasso images and biography
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Pablo Picasso


Picasso's self-portraits are so important in his work that they deserve their own category. This section of paintings spans his entire career, although for most of the post-Cubist work, his identity in his paintings was symbolized by "The Painter", or the "Minotaur" rather than a literal representation of himself. Picasso's manner of self-depiction changed, of course, to match with his current style of painting, so it is interesting to compare the self-portraits from, for instance, the Blue Period to those done when he was working in a Cubist mode only a few years later.

Self-portrait with Uncombed Hair (1896)

Self-portrait (1900)

Self Portrait: "Yo Picasso" (spring 1901)

Self-portrait "Yo" (summer 1901)

Self-portrait with Cloak (late 1901)

Self-portrait with a Palette (1906)

Self-portrait (1907)

Self Portrait Facing Death (1972)

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