Pablo Picasso images and biography
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Pablo Picasso

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1. Early Works

2. Blue Period

3. Rose Period

4. Beginnings of Cubism

5. Analytical Cubism

6. Synthetic Cubism

7. Between the wars

8. Picasso the legend

9. Late Works

The Late Work

In the last two decades of his long career, Picasso produced more work than at any other time of his life. During this period, some works are not only dated by month and day, but with a numeral (I, II, III, etc.) indicating multiple works created that single day!

This late period tends to be overlooked, but contains some of the finest of Picasso's paintings. Some critics maintain Picasso was creatively lazy at this point, but a close look at the work is very rewarding. He had achieved a level of effortless artistic expression that, I believe, has still not been fully appreciated after more than 25 years.

Regardless of your position on Picasso's personal and artistic life, each of us can, in view of our own mortality, be awed by his final self-portrait.

Picasso Images on the Web from his late work

L'Aubade (1965)

Seated Man (Self-portrait) (1965)

The Sleepers (Les dormeurs) (1965)

Musketeer with Pipe (1968)

Rembrandtesque Figure and Cupid (1969)

Vieil homme assis, Mougins (1970)

Seated Old Man (1970-71)

Embrace (1971)

Self-portrait (1972)

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