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Hundertwasser, Fritz (Friedrich Stowasser)

Austrian painter. He was born in Vienna and studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 1948. While in Vienna he saw the work of Schiele. He had a mystical approach to art, which he developed self-consciously throughout the rest of his career. This is exemplified, for example, in his decision to change his name from Stowasser to Hundertwasser ('sto' is Czech for 'hundred'). In the late 1940s he came into contact with Art Informel, and he began producing his own abstract works. His fascination with the spiral developed from 1953, and soon thereafter he developed his theory of 'transautomatism', which was based in part on Surrealist automatism, but concentrated on the role of the observer, rather than the artist. He has, since then, become an important international figure, whose works have been exhibited worldwide.

- From The Bulfinch Guide to Art History

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Hundertwasser Images

1983-86 Hundertwasser House
1994 The 30 Day Fax Picture

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