Fra Carnevale images
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Fra Carnevale
(Active 1445-1484)

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Fra Carnevale Urbino, active 1445; died 1484. Bartolomeo Corradini, known as Fra Carnevale, was praised by contemporaries for the originality of his work. In addition to his profession as a painter, Fra Carnevale also served as architect and engineer to the Montefeltro Court in Urbino. In 1445 Bartolomeo Corradini is recorded as working in the *workshop of Fra Filippo Lippi in Florence. Four years later he was a *Dominican monk, taking the name Fra (brother) Carnevale, and had returned to Urbino. There he supervised architectural and decorative work on the monastery church of San Domenico, the earliest example of Renaissance architecture in the city. The paintings of Fra Carnevale include striking examples of architectural fantasy and expertly calculated mathematical perspective.

- From National Gallery of Art

Fra Carnevale images

c. 1467 Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple

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