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Pieter de Hooch


"Born in Rotterdam, Pieter de Hooch moved to Delft in 1654, where he is recorded as both painter and manservant to a rich merchant. In Delft he came into contact with Fabritius (1622-54) and Nicholaes Maes (1632-93), both early members of the Delft School. De Hooch depicted scenes of middle-class domestic life, portraying Dutch ideals of domesticity. Jan Vermeer (1632-75) soon added to this genre and, with his greater skill, overshadowed him. By 1667 De Hooch had settled in Amsterdam, where he portrayed subjects from the upper classes, but his later paintings were less successful. He died in an insane asylum in 1684.

"De Hooch's paintings have complex structures, which create the illusion of real perspective. Rectangular architectural frames and blocks give the impression of distance, and lead the viewer's eye to the main focus of the painting...receding floor tiles also help to create this impression of perspective.

"As well as his mastery of perspective, De Hooch was skilled in the portrayal of natural light falling on a scene. His light is warm - more intense than Vermeer's - and his color range is richer, with fewer cool tones."

- From Kirsten Bradbury, "Essential History of Art"

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Pieter de Hooch Images

c. 1654-55 A Man Offering a Glass of Wine to a Woman
c. 1654-55 Two Soldiers and a Serving Woman with a Trumpeter
c. 1657 The Visit
c. 1657-58 Soldiers Playing Cards
1658 A Woman with a Baby in Her Lap, and a Small Child
1658 The Courtyard of a House in Delft
1658 Figures Drinking in a Courtyard
1658 Paying the Hostess
c. 1658 A Woman Drinking with Two Men, and a Serving Woman
c. 1658-60 Portrait of a Family in a Courtyard in Delft
c. 1658-60 A Mother and Child with Its Head in Her Lap (Maternal Duty)
c. 1659-60 A Dutch Courtyard
1677 Musical Party in a Courtyard

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