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Chinese Art

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Emperor Hui-tsung (1082-1135; r. 1101-25), Two Poems (Handscroll)
Su Shih (1037 - 1101), Poems Written at Huang-chou on the Cold-Food Festival (Handscroll)
Huang Chen-hsiao (active early 18th century), Small screen in the form of a wrist rest with a scene of the Gathering at the Orchard Pavilion (Carved ivory)
Kuo Hsi (1000 - ca.1090), Early Spring (Hanging scroll)
Mallet-shaped vase with phoenix ears, Southern Sung Dynasty (1127-1279) (Porcelain, Lung-ch'uan ware)
Long-necked bottle, Northern Sung Dynasty (960-1127) (Porcelain, Ting ware)
Fan K'uan (d. after 1023), Travelers Amid Streams and Mountains (Hanging scroll)
Winepot with chih-dragon handle and spout, Ming Dynasty (early 17th century) (Porcelain, Te-hua ware)

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