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Georges Braque

See also: Cubism


"Georges Braque developed his painting skills while working for his father, a house decorator. He moved to Paris in 1900 to study where he was drawn to the work of the Fauve artists, including Matisse, Derain and Dufy, as well as the late landscapes of Cézanne. Meeting Picasso marked a huge turning point in Braque's development and together they evolved as leaders of Cubism. After a brief interlude in which he was called up to fight in the First World War, Braque's style developed in the direction he was to follow for the rest of his life. In establishing the principle that a work of art should be autonomous and not merely imitate nature, Cubism redefined art in the twentieth century. Braque's large compositions incorporated the Cubist aim of representing the world as seen from a number of different viewpoints. He wanted to convey a feeling of being able to move around within the painting. The still life subject remained his chief preoccupation from 1927 to 1955."

- From "The A-Z of Art: The World's Greatest and Most Popular Artists and Their Works", by Nicola Hodge and Libby Anson

Georges Braque Images

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1907 Terrace of Hotel Mistral
1908 Houses at L'Estaque
1908 Large Nude
1908 Musical Instruments
1908 Viaduct at L'Estaque
1908-09 Fruitdish
1909 Castle at La Roche-Guyon
1909 Fishing Boats
1909 Harbor in Normandy
1910 Bottle and Fishes
1910 Violin and Candlestick
1910 Violin and Pitcher
1911 Man with a Guitar
1911-12 Le Portugais (The Emigrant)
1912 Fruit Dish, "Quotidien du Midi"
1912 The Fruitdish
1912 Fruitdish and Glass
1912 Man with a Violin
1912 Still Life BACH
1912 Still Life with a Violin
1912 Still Life with Harp and Violin
1913 Bottle, Newspaper, Pipe, and Glass
1913 Fruit Dish, Ace of Clubs
1913 Pedestal Table
1913 Tenora
1913 Violin and Pipe: "Le Quotidien"
1913 Woman with a Guitar
1914 Glass, Carafe and Newspapers
1914 Still Life on a Table: "Gillette."
1925 Fruit on a Tablecloth with a Fruitdish
1942 Black Fish
1942 Interior with Palette

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